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Posted in The Archived POTW on January 1, 2008 by polarzone
And… -drumroll- todays pokemon of the week is… -more drumrolling- Empoleon! A special Sweeper, with incredibly low speed. However it can overcome this by using Agility. And because of it’s Water/Steel Typer it has 11 type resistances. Making it amazing typewise, A Pretty good moveset, and an awesome appearance to boot.


Again I am going to list some Pros and Cons about Empoleon.


  • Good type combo
  • Awesome special Sweeper
  • Immune to sandstorm, Toxic, and Stealth rock


  • Low speed, and attack
  • Weakness to Fighting, Electric, and Ground

But still overall a decent pokemon



Posted in The Archived POTW on December 25, 2007 by LordDarkrai

This week’s Pokemon of the Week is -drumroll- Nobody’s Favorite Pokemon Torterra! Why does nobody like him? Sure he looks Slightly Weird but with a base defense stat of 105, and Base Attack of 109, and this is just with nothing You will have Much Higher Stats. It can take it in, and dish it out. Why does nobody Like Torterra? For one we have already had oh… Four (Not counting it, and it’s Evoutionary line) Turtles, and they seem kinda weak.

I am going to list some Pros  and Cons about Torterra


  • Grass and Ground type
  • Good (Fairly) Moveset
  • Has Wood Hammer
  • Good Defense and Attack    


  • Seriously Weak to ice types
  • Not too fast

  All I can think of, otherwise Torterra’s a powerhouse for battling.