Science Of Pokemon

The Evolution of Pokemon

The “evolution” of pokemon can be explained through the cell structure of all living beings. But to explain this we first need to understand why it is needed for basic survival.  An example:Shieldon ran, and ran, and ran. Why had it decided to explore this cave, but then how could he know that wild Kabutops would be in here. He turned around and a scythe pointed to his throat. But Cranidos suddenly became shrouded in light and then stood the stronger Bastiodon, Easily demolishing Kabutops.So you see the evolution of pokemon is naturally caused by stress hormones, these hormones tell the brain that it needs to adapt to its current surroundings. The brain then tells the body to kill all of its cells, except for brain cells. This causes the skin cells to reproduce, allowing it to double in size, reform its organs to compensate, as well as allowing all thought to stay intact. Also, this is only for a brief second so the pokemon doesn’t die during the process. The process can also become triggered by coming of age, though this is usually only found in captive pokemon because stress hormones are activated easier around humans.  

High Noon

Solarbeam, a very interesting subject. Grass pokemon, and other pokemon that use the move are covered in special photovoltaic cells. These cells convert sunlight into energy this energy is then sent to a mirror chamber and released in a manner such as hyper beam. A very simple explanation I know!

The World on Your Shoulders

Torterra, holding a miniature continent on it’s back, growing trees and whatnot. The answer is that Torterra like all grass pokemon have an unusual area to store soil, so grass pokemon absorb soil through pores in their feet. This allows them to grow bulbs, flowers, leaves, etc. but torterra has a much larger storage area for this soil area, and can therefore grow more soil, also torterra grows rocks by (assuming the soil storage is near the heart) forcing the the soil to go through lots of heat and pressure sped up by the energy in the energy sack. This hardens the soil, which is encoded by the body as a virus , and torterra “Spits it out” on it’s back.


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