Where would we be without our Mascots, those lovable little characters you’ve grown to adore. (Or something like that) Read their bios here.

Alakazam “The Genius”

The Smartest gut on Newmoon isle. Alakazam is a pure genius and is the only one close enough to be able to be seriously close to being capable of understanding the power of Darkrai! He also helps him with cleaning and whatnot. And Honchkrow likes to copy off his intelligence. Ha! As if he could ever reach it! Sorry

Honchkrow “The Berserk”

The polar opposite of Alakazam, Alakazam is smart Honchkrow is a bit unintelligent (which means he is a complete idiot) Alakazam is polite. Honchkrow does what he wants. But somehow they are best friends    -.-() And he loves copying Alakazam’s Intelligence -cough-

Scizor “The Speedster”

Just your average Pokemon, scizor is really just a pokemon that got stranded on Newmoon isle, Alakazam took him into his care while Honchkrow felt a very large urge to poke him. Now he is a loyal ser -cough- citizen of Newmoon isle

Lucario “The Loner”

Lucario’s village was destroyed by wild Tyrannitar, and he washed ashore of Newmoon Isle, Scizor took him under his Pincer thingy and they taught him the ways of newmoon Island.


No explanation needed, he’s just cool.


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